i:Lead Students is designed to equip young people with life and leadership skills for their future.

i:Lead Students has been specifically designed for 18-25 year old to help them navigate life through university and beyond. On completing i:Lead courses students can expect to see significant development in their capacity to lead both themselves and others.

We can facilitate both our i:Lead and i:Lead 2 courses at universities and Student Living centres across Scotland to help your students to develop their personal and professional leadership through sessions including:
– Leading in Peak Performance – Every day is game day (from i:Lead)
– Leading Your Feelings – They just aren’t loyal! (from i:Lead)
– Leading Through Contribution – The extra mile leader (from i:Lead 2)
– Leading Beyond Yourself – Who is coming with you? (from i:Lead 2)

I:Lead helped me address mindsets that were holding me back.” – William, Glasgow University Graduate


running i:Lead courses at universities and colleges across Scotland


Student Living

working with Student Accommodation Providers to better equip young people for life away from home


Personal Mentoring

providing personal mentors to help lead people through the transition between school and university