i:Lead Secondary teaches young people various leadership principles that they can apply in every area of their life to enable them to grow in confidence and find purpose.

Available courses:
S1 – i:Decide – Choosing responsibly
S2 – i:Spend – Spend now to profit later: time, energy and learning
S3 – i:Prepare – Setting goals and achieving them
S4 – i:Lead – The ultimate exam preparation
S5 – i:Will – Making principle-based decisions
S6 – i:Am Ready – Preparation for life (also available for S4-6 Additional Support Needs)

Also available and popular with young people who have been identified as vulnerable, those displaying challenging behaviour and those often disengaged with tradition teaching:
i:Am – teaches young men the true value of what it is to be a man and how they can achieve what they want in life through being courageous and living a life of honour and integrity
i:Flourish – teaches young women about their self-worth and purpose and helps them to discover their own true value and beauty in life.

 My qualifications will change because my attitude has changed. – Paige, 15

Courses can be booked as 6 single sessions, 2 half days or 1 full day. To find out more and speak to the team email us at schools@ileadership.co.uk