i:Lead Community teaches young people and adults various leadership principles that they can apply in every area of their life to enable them to grow in confidence, find and fulfil their purpose.

We have a number of courses available for those within your community group and are also happy to discuss tailored options. Courses include:

i:Will – Designed for individuals aged 16-17 years and focused on helping people to make principle-based decisions
i:Plan – Perfect for 18-19 year olds, i:Plan helps individuals with their next steps: employability, Further Education and more
i:Prepare – For those 20+ years of age, i:Prepare is all about investment and teaches individuals how to spend now to profit later across time, energy and learning.

We also offer the following courses which are popular with those identified as ‘vulnerable groups’, those displaying challenging behaviour and those often disengaged with traditional teaching:
i:Am – Teaches young men the true value of what it means to be a man and how they can achieve what they want in life through being courageous and living a life of honour and integrity.
i:Flourish – Teaches young women about their self-worth and purpose and helps them to discover their own true value and beauty in life.