At i:Lead we are committed to the development of people, in order that they become confident to achieve success academically, corporately and socially.

We run a number of courses to enable this depending on your stage of life. We have specifically tailored courses for Schools, Universities and Community Projects, as well as those in business and sport. A great place to start is our original i:Lead course, which focuses on self-leadership. It has been established to enable people to develop a lead attitude in life, ultimately allowing them to better lead in their own life.

i:Lead is built around 10 subjects which will enable delegates to lead their own life better. Its purpose is to equip you to gain confidence and lift your attitude and belief for what is possible in your life. We believe that if people can lead themselves better they will become more effective and efficient in the workplace, in home life and in the wider community.

Some of our other popular courses include:
i:Lead 2 – Learning how to lead others
i:Lead Marriage – Leading your relationship to the next level
i:Flourish – Teaching young women about their self-worth and purpose
i:Am – Teaching young men courage, honour and integrity in life

For a full list of available courses please select the sector you are interested in here.